Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Showdown with Kalarel

The party moved beyond the bodies of the undead and into a room from which blood flowed from many giant vats into a grate in the floor.

Numerous enemies were defeated, including a number of vampires, Orcus Beserkers and Priest of Orcus.

The party then decended blood-slick chains into the chamber below to halt the ritual being performed by Kalarel.

A furious fight saw Kalarel hit by everything the party could throw at him, taking him down quickly, to see him sucked through his half-created portal to the Shadowfell, and presumable, into oblivion as he died.

The destruction of the portal released such great energy as to destroy the keystones of the chamber, causing the keep to begin collapsing. The party grabbed what they could, and made their way to what appeared to be a well at the far end of the room.

Sonny threw a rope around a nearby statue, and the party decended 40 feet into darkness as the chamber began to collapse around them.

They managed to grap Kalarel’s horned helm and his amulet and cloak before while Splug managed to find a magic dagger before they left.



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