Adventures in the Nentir Vale

Orc Ambush

The party escaped the collapsing keep by heading down into a well, which led to an underground river. The journey back to daylight was made difficut by a large section of the river with no air to breathe above the surface, and several characters struggled to make it through.

Once out in the falling dusk, Enna found a good campsite for everyone to rest, before heading back to Winterhaven at dawn.

The party had travelled for a few hours when Enna spotted an orc in the undergrowth, and after a few more minutes, the party made their way into a fully fledged ambush.

Gonad son of Groin and Draco both struggled to hold the orc leader, a huge beast of an orc, back, but eventually the party prevailed, not least thanks to Cersei casting a well-timed sleep on the enemy artillery who were throwing fire-bombs into the fray.

A note in an script not intelligible to anyone in the party was found on the bodies, which the party took back to Winterhaven where Cersei could use her arcane knowledge to decipher the message.



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